"Beauty is the harmony of purpose and form."  -alvar aalto, 1928


Dani Kenney is a California-native, mama and the founder of DANI KENNEY Co., a website and product line dedicated to pregnancy, motherhood and beyond. The brand emphasizes a natural, minimalist and sustainable lifestyle-- from the food we eat to the clothes we wear. With a background as a classically-trained chef and holistic nutritionist, Dani has paired her therapeutic culinary wisdom with her passion for natural skincare to bring mothers handmade products that are organic and functional.

Dani was trained in The Natural Chef Program at Bauman College for Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts on California's central coast. Here she studied traditional French techniques of cooking, as well as the medicinal properties and applications of organic foods. 

Since the completion of culinary school, Dani helped build several successful food businesses, and served as a private chef, flying around the world with her clients. For the last year before becoming a mother, Dani was a private chef to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and has cooked for dozens of A-list celebrity clients. She has cooked at a wide range of venues, from The Sequoia Retreat Center in northern California, where she cooked vegan food for monks on meditation retreats, to the Zagat-Award-winning Terra Restaurant in Malibu, where she cooked upscale mediterranean fare for local Angelenos. To her, cooking is an adventure, and ultimately it is a demonstration of love-- for one's own body, for one's community and for the earth. 

Dani's fascination with the world of organic food also piqued her interest in the study of botanical, organic elements of design. After working as Susie Hilfiger's private chef, she also began working by her side on several design projects and product development-- from interior design to skincare-- and it is through this experience that Dani further honed her skills and expression for these other arts. But what really awakened these passion projects further was Dani's new foray into motherhood. 

Dani's alchemical skills as a chef, along with her experience with holistic foods, were an essential foundation and natural progression into the development of her lifestyle brand. The chemistry and intuitive pairing of ingredients into a dish are very similar to that of the creation of a body butter. Pairing the right scents with the right emulsions, and taking care not to destroy the integrity of a plant's natural therapeutic properties is something in which Dani has thorough education and takes great care. Everything Dani has created comes from a natural inspiration from and synergy of the earth's best ingredients-- and an extensive understanding as to how they intrinsically interact with the human body. 



The DANI KENNEY brand was inspired and created from a place of necessity and love. When Dani became pregnant, she found limited resources for the kind of information and pregnancy-safe products that she sought. There was a lot of conflicting information out there, as well as a plethora of great natural products whose safety during pregnancy was questionable. Because a lot of essential oils and products can be harmful during pregnancy, Dani created a line that does the guess work for you. All of her products that get absorbed into the skin are pregnancy-safe after the first trimester-- and many are safe in all trimesters. She annoyed her friend who is getting her Master's Degree in herbalism, asking her far too many questions, to make sure you get the safest items for pregnancy. Dani aimed to make a brand of natural body products more simplified and more beautiful for mothers everywhere. Dani launched this lifestyle website as a means of combining each of her passions for all creative wellness arts. She wanted to have a space to share her love for organic living products, healthy food, sustainable design and fashion-- and even the finest creative art of all-- bringing souls into this world. As a new mama-to-be, her passions have naturally fallen together into where she believes she is meant to be of best service. 

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