weather seeking fertility options, or a simple lifestyle shift towards feeling and looking better, Dani is available for a select number of private clients, to work one-on-one.

Dani has extensive training and experience in the holistic culinary arts. Natural beauty and skincare are only a sliver of what she does... and even in that realm, what you put on your skin is only one part as well. Dani works holistically with her clients from the inside out. Diet is a large portion of her work, however, she never merely focuses on food. Mental and spiritual aspects are just as important to one's wellbeing, so she incorporates gentle lifestyle shifts that bring about balance in one's life. Dani has great expertise in preparing the body for conception, as well as in working with clients through the postpartum stage to provide nourishing diets for both mama and baby. Beyond motherhood, Dani loves helping clients with any dietary or lifestyle shifts towards feeling (and therefore looking) better. She has cooked and meal planned for gluten-intolerance, cancer, fatigue, a variety of autoimmune disorders, headaches, weight-loss, plant-based diets, paleo diets and more. Her roster of high profile clients is a reflection of her dedication to both helping people and to making sure the food tastes amazing along the way. Please fill out this form if you have any questions or are interested in working with Dani one-on-one. Typically, Dani's private sessions provide you with a customized dietary outline, rough meal plan (or more detailed if desired), some recipes, and guidance along the way. Rates will depend entirely on one's unique situation, according to the complexity and duration of the work, so the more details you give the better idea Dani will have for a custom quote. Thank you!


DISCLAIMER: Dani Kenney is not a doctor. She does not attempt to treat, cure, prevent or diagnose disease.